A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy #1) by Deborah Harkness

A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy #1) by Deborah Harkness

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The saving grace of this book is that Deborah Harkness is a legit historian which she researched a lot especially about science especially Darwinism and genetics that made the some of the info dumps within this book tolerable. I tolerate this book enough that I was interested enough to read the continuation (which is why I read this book in the first place) but as far as the book goes, this book…

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The Wave by Todd Strasser

The Wave by Todd Strasser


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I’m not certain how true this version of The Third Wave project but one of the major flaw of this book was it is a short novel and the book wasn’t meant to be a nonfictional work (hence, lessened the believability) but rather a retelling of an incident. It could have been a better book if the author hadn’t oversimplify the incident and major focus was on the psychology of the situation. It is…

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On the Perils of Ennui While Reading

On the Perils of Ennui While Reading

I’m nursing a full day of general malaise from dawn hours writing fiction (which is turning into a Benedict Cumberbatch fanfic now that I think of it) and whole day feeling like I’m burning up either from the usual female ailments or my favourite nephew in the world infecting me with another flu virus. I’m still on Camp Nano so what the heck, let’s talk about books somewhere that isn’t in 140…

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The Shadow Throne (The Ascendance Trilogy, #3) by Jennifer A. Nielsen

The Shadow Throne (The Ascendance Trilogy, #3) by Jennifer A. Nielsen

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This is the most difficult book in the series. It supposed to since it is a story about a boy king being forced to lead in a war against an invading army while barely months surviving among the pirates and healing his broken knee. Imogen was kidnapped and the likelihood of the nation going to fall was heavy on Jaron’s shoulder. Naturally, majority of this book is about war and politics. It is…

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Little Brother (Little Brother #1) by Cory Doctorow

Little Brother (Little Brother #1) by Cory Doctorow

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I am aware of the issues told through most parts of the book even before I read it. I am familiar with topics of cyber-securities and privacy issues faced by the post-9/11 world and also the fact that Malaysian government are slowly trying to restrict internet freedom in this country that effectively made me positively paranoid as well.

Little Brother was also the last book for the “Fantasy and…

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Firelight (Firelight #1) by Sophie Jordan

Firelight (Firelight #1) by Sophie Jordan


ScreenHunter_69 Apr. 06 00.49

I enjoyed this book. Its actually a 3 and a half star. Unfortunately, I couldn’t escape reviewing it without mentioning Twilight because it really is, a version of Twilight, albeit being a better one. Since I know that many started reading YA paranormal romance from Twilight, but if you have younger kids in need of something similar read read but you don’t want to traumatize them with that…

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The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks

The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks

17573621ScreenHunter_69 Apr. 05 14.35

Am I the only one classifying this book as YA? Good. It is.

The Wasp Factory isn’t just an ordinary book. Frank Cauldhame isn’t just an ordinary teenager. Living in the outskirts of the suburban Scotland, disfigured as a child and an unregistered citizen, it provided him a level of anonymity to do certain kind depravities, like having hobbies that soothed his sadistic traits and killing his…

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Doctor Who: Tales of Trenzalore: The Eleventh Doctor’s Last Stand by Justin Richards, Mark Morris, George Mann, Paul Finch

Doctor Who: Tales of Trenzalore: The Eleventh Doctor’s Last Stand by Justin Richards, Mark Morris, George Mann, Paul Finch

20565943ScreenHunter_69 Apr. 03 02.19

To be honest, the 11th Doctor was one of the Doctor I didn’t quite attune with mostly because his whole story revolve around him rather than the simplistic 9th and 10th theme of travelling around the universe, exploring and finding new people and get into trouble. It did began like that but by the end of the 5th, 6th and 7th series, its really just about the Doctor saving the world with his wit…

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Salina by A. Samad Said & Hawa Abdullah

Salina by A. Samad Said & Hawa Abdullah

21009608ScreenHunter_69 Mar. 24 18.41

I probably don’t belong in the set enamoured by this Malay modern classics. But I could blame it to the nature of this version I’m reading because the English translation from the 70s nearly made it unreadable. And I choose that edition because some ten years ago, my malay language teacher recommended the book to me and pointed exactly on how it was well received outside Malaysia due to the…

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Clockwork Heart (Clockwork Heart, #1) by Dru Pagliassotti

Clockwork Heart (Clockwork Heart, #1) by Dru Pagliassotti


ScreenHunter_69 Mar. 23 23.34

I didn’t think I’d enjoy a heavy steampunk book with a lot of mystery elements and slight romance element in it. I can’t say this book was explicitly a romance title despite the blurb hinted it so but I enjoyed the worldbuilding more from the tiered city to the people and its caste and politics and also the mystery. Sort of like reading a Final Fantasy 9 story.

I’m not sure this is considerably…

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